Animal Needle Manufacturing

Advanced Medical Components custom animal needles are designed to meet the needs of pharmacologists, toxicologists, pathologists and other biomedical researchers working with laboratory animals. We are custom manufacturer of animal needles, syringes, hypotubes and cannulas for OEMs, vets, and medical animal researchers. Precision assembly of stainless steel balls and tubing insures a quality needle suited for feeding and dosing without injury to sensitive tissues. All of our animal feeding needles can also be customized to meet specific application’s requirements.

Research Needles

Our Lab and Research Needles division offers products for biomedical research, pharmaceutical, drug delivery, animal research including Animal Feeding Needles (Gavage Needles) as well as needles and probes for laboratory automation. All laboratory needles can be custom-made to specifications including OEM needles and reagent probes suited for a variety of instruments. All needles conform to ISO 594 standard and are available in variety of configurations to fit application requirements such as: 304/316 stainless steel tubing and hubs, Non-Coring Septum Penetration Points, Teflon and Ceramic

Animal Needle Types

Sterile needles can be used for critical laboratory applications, such as oral gavage procedures in laboratory animals. Our complex and custom needles come in different styles including but not limited to: malleable stainless steel, nitinol and flexible plastic. These economical feeding needles are essential for veterinary practices and research laboratories involving small animals such as rats, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, and guinea pigs.

Additional needle features can include bite protection, mouse needles, dieting tubes, curved needles, water bottles, new born, metered delivery, ptfe, straight, malleable and more.

Our broad range of sterile, disposable hypodermic needles are manufactured with strong, regular wall, #304 Surgical Stainless Steel tubing. As well as industry standard sizes, we manufacture custom designed hypodermic needles for many gauges and lengths. In addition, our syringes are latex free, have positive safety stops and available in both Luer Slip & Luer Lock tips, with and without needles. They can be used for oral dosing and other uses. We offer bulk syringes, needles, cannulas and hypotubes in convenient smaller quantity bags.

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