Electrochemical Grinding

Advanced Medical Components (AMC) specializes in electrochemical grinding of high quality, tight tolerance metal components to specification for large medical device OEMs. AMC equipment is available for high precision, burr-free CNC grinding. It combines both electrolytic action (90%) and physical grinding (10%) to provide an alternative to typical abrasive grinding and a higher level of precision without the need for post fabrication in some circumstances. We are a contract medical device component manufacturer serving a variety of industries.

Electrochemical Grinding (ECG) is perfect for advanced medical and aeronautical applications that require precision machining. Especially those applications which might otherwise require another step to deburr the parts such as processes which include electropolishing. ECG provides superior results for applications that must be burr-free, stress-free, and low force to avoid part damage (for example, very thin wall tubing), and in applications that must be free of metallurgical damage – no heat affected zone, no recast layer, and no burning or work hardening, as well as in applications with tight tolerances.

Electrochemical Grinding of Needles

AMC uses advanced equipment and tooling to manufacture custom needles out of stainless steel and nitinol. Our tooling allows us to process small and medium runs of needles with complex shapes and OD features. Contact us today with your custom medical device project.

Manufacturing Expertise

With over 50 years in the industry, we are sure that we can help with your next project. Although our quality is extremely high, you will also find that our pricing is very competitive. We strive to create efficient and automated processes to achieve top of the line manufacturing processes. Clients with complex manufacturing requirements and looming deadlines contract with us when looking to reduce lead times by months over other custom manufacturers. This short turn around time helps companies reduce time to market for new product launches.

When Should I Use Electrochemical Grinding?

ElectroChemical Grinding (ECG) can be used to manufacture conductive material if it reacts to electrochemicals. The reason many customers choose electrochemical grinding is for burr free fabrication. If you have a precision medical device component which needs to be deburred via a secondary grinding process or via electropolishing, electrochemical grinding can be considered an alternative which doesn't require as much cost. Electrochemical Grinding is also an alternative to wire EDM, sinker EDM, milling, turning, and traditional grinding in terms of cost, processing time and finish.

What is Electrochemical Grinding?

Here is a video to learn a little more about Electrochemical Grinding:

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